How To Elaborate A 9th Grade Research Paper Outline In A Proper Way

When it comes to writing research papers, you are either assigned a topic or you are given the privilege of choosing your own topic. Whichever happens, one thing that does not change is that you need to create an outline for the topic, chosen or assigned. It makes the writing process easier if the chosen or assigned topic is something you don’t mind researching and writing on. Whether the topic is on cyber bullying, use of school uniforms, impact of text messaging on vocabulary, extreme internet use or any other innovative topic, you will need to elaborate on your outlines after creating them.

Now you feel completely lost because you don’t even know enough about outlines and the matter is already extending to elaborating on the 9th grade paper outline. Here are few tips to help you carry out this task successfully. They are:

  • First Structure Your Outline: At this stage, your outline is in a skeletal form with just a few drafts here and there to determine the focus of your paper. It is normally based on the general aspect of your paper and is made up of the main ideas of your paper. It is from here that the gradual but steady elaboration of your outline takes place.
  • First Stage Of Elaboration: This is where you begin to narrow down your paper’s content from the more general topic to more specific examples. This stage of the outline is, unlike the main ideas that are labelled in Roman numerals, labelled in capital letters. It is the second stage of explaining the topic of your paper.
  • Second Stage Of Elaboration: This is the point where you further discuss what you have already stated under the sub points labelled in capital letters. They are designed to further support your viewpoint on the topic and fully develop the main ideas of the paper. You can give more credibility to your paper by also including examples here.

Now you have seen a little of how you can effectively create an outline and at the same time, further elaborate same in order to drive your point home. Apart from the use of Roman numerals, alphabets and numbers in labelling the outline, there are other acceptable patterns which students can use and still make a success of writing their academic papers. If you are a serious student and able to master this step, then you can be sure of creating your research paper outlines in a proper way. If you still need further guidance, you should check this out for extra help.