Sociology Research Paper Topics: 20 Unique Examples

Sociology is a very interesting course for most of the students, so writing a research paper on this subject is facile. Of course, you still need to pay attention to the topic; this is what can make the difference between a banal composition and a great one. The key to an outstanding paper is to make your classmates interested in what you wrote. How can you do this? By writing about one of these unique ideas:

  1. Abortion. Women have the right to do whatever they want with their body, but this applies even when they commit murder? Many people think that there is no difference between abortion and a crime.
  2. Death penalty. How is this seen by the society? Is it applied in your country?
  3. Transgender children. In the last years they we hear about more and more cases like this. It is something normal, or a deviation?
  4. Homosexuality. If you will use this as your topic, be careful. It can be a sensitive issue for some of your classmates.
  5. Gender discrimination. Write in your research paper a few clear examples that you witnessed in your country.
  6. The hierarchy in your friends group. All of you are equal, or there is a leader?
  7. Smoking at a young age. Since teenagers have the right to drive or join the army, should they have the right to smoke?
  8. Consumerism in Western societies. Are we pushed to buy things that we don’t need?
  9. Schizophrenia. You will not discuss in your paper about the disease itself, but about the way that society is treating the patients.
  10. Uniforms. Could this be a way to diminish discrimination in schools?
  11. Cultural Minorities. Should we try to understand their way of life, or let them live isolated?
  12. Vandalism. Graffiti is present in every city; is it a form of art? This topic can start a nice debate in your class.
  13. Feminism movement. Will this solve any problem in our society?
  14. Homeless support. Make some research about how many homeless people are in your city; is the government doing anything to solve this?
  15. Music festivals. For a fun and relaxed topic, you can discuss about the most important festival in your city.
  16. Marijuana legalization. How can this affect teenagers and young adults?
  17. Speed limitations for cars. Is this actually an efficient measure to prevent accidents?
  18. Funeral habits. Do you think that we should stick to traditions?
  19. Autism. Many people think that autistic children are less smart, but you can open their mind by discussing about this topic.
  20. Religious diversity. Is there such thing as religious discrimination in your school?