25 Topics You Can Investigate In An Economic Term Paper

When you take economics, you have to know the past of the economy while keeping an eye on the future. The world of finance is ever changing, and you need to know about it for this class. Finding a topic that suits your need can be difficult. Use our top 25 economic term paper writing ideas worth discussing.

25 Top Ideas for Economic Term Papers

  1. Greece and the fallout-the who, what, where when, how, and why
  2. Has the technology industry hit its peak-what would this mean for industry
  3. The cost of the Olympics-how much should a country be willing to pay
  4. Encouraging climbs for your 401-what’s trending
  5. Women and salaries-will the playing field ever be equal
  6. Russia and it economy of war
  7. The oil fields funding and ISIS-should this be happening and why
  8. Obama and the economic changes-is it better or worse than eight years ago
  9. Is health care ever affordable
  10. Paying for college and should college be free for everyone
  11. Looking back at the events and changes with the Gold Standard
  12. Should college athletes be paid a salary
  13. How much is too much for a professional athlete
  14. The reason female World Cup winners are paid less than male World Cup winners
  15. The Housing market five years down the road
  16. While renting when retire is the best route to go
  17. The cost of long term retirement centers
  18. Why cities and citizens should never pay for professional sports’ venues
  19. How to invest for your future
  20. What tiny houses have done to the real estate and housing markets
  21. What makes for a successful start-up
  22. Trends for the future
  23. What could shut down the Stock Market and why average people should be concerned
  24. Just how safe is your social security and should you be alarmed or not
  25. Why a new group of people are intent on buying on the margin and will this cause the next Great Depression

When assigned an economic term paper, make sure that you look at one of top 25 ideas worth discussing. Remember, you want to show that you know the subject, but that you also know how to look at the future and what might be happening at five or ten years down the road.