Top 22 College Research Paper Topics in Computer Science

Students find it easier to write a great college research paper on computer science when they are given a choice of or have been given to create their own interesting and unique topic. It helps keep the both the writer and reader enthusiastic about the material, making it for a higher quality read. Here are 22 top college research paper topics in computer science for your convenience:

  1. How do teenage boys and teenage girls behave or react differently to computer games?
  2. In what ways does computer science affect the way medical treatments are administered?
  3. What advancements in computer science are designed specifically to fight computer crimes?
  4. Is computer science making other subjects or discipline areas obsolete in today’s professions?
  5. Will computer sciences lead to business solutions that no longer require a physical work force?
  6. What are the concerns of artificial intelligence within the computer science community?
  7. Have stereotypes affected game developers from making games that more females would enjoy?
  8. As one of the fastest growing career fields, should computer science be made mandatory study?
  9. How has the entertainment industry affected how software developers approach their work?
  10. How are companies changing the way they hire in terms of a person’s general computer skills?
  11. With advancements in visual displays will it replace how people view art in terms of reproduction?
  12. How does computer science affect the way people migrate from one place to another?
  13. How big of a financial threat are computer crimes to banks with FDIC protection?
  14. Will there always be a need for at least one skilled person to oversee functions of a computer?
  15. What is the likelihood of computers controlling automated machines replacing people at work?
  16. How has computer science developed in the last century to the point it is in now?
  17. How have teaching methods changed as a result of advancements in computer science?
  18. Has computer science affected the gender gap (either increasing or shortening) in any way?
  19. How have advancements in computer science affected the traditional nuclear household?
  20. Provide an analysis of how large businesses have been affected by computer science tools.
  21. In what ways is computer science affecting the way teachers approach their students’ curricula?
  22. What are the major differences between intelligence and the artificial intelligence of a computer?

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