A List Of Excellent Term Paper Topics On Philosophy Of Law

Have you got to write a term paper on philosophy of law? If so, the first thing you will need to do is understand what’s meant by the subject. Well, here’s the answer: it’s a branch of jurisprudence and philosophy which simply looks at the key questions about law and legal systems.

With such a big subject, it may feel like a rather daunting task to have to select a specific subject on which to base your term paper. Well, you should certainly spend some time thinking about the various avenues up for discussion. Once you have chosen the broad theme, you’ll need to whittle it down to a more specific subject. You should choose something that you already know a fair bit about, something that has an abundance of sources to use as citations, and something that you’re passionate about- it’s amazing how this can transfer to one’s writing and make the essay read and flow so much better.

Here are a few ideas for subjects to get you started:

  • How legal issues have changed over the centuries.
  • A discussion on what is meant by legal validity.
  • The distinctions between law and morality.
  • Clashes between legal systems and morality issues.
  • A discussion on natural law.
  • A study of legal positivism.
  • Legal realism.
  • Ronald Dworkin’s legal interpretivism.
  • Exclusive legal positivism and inclusive legal positivism.
  • A discussion on integrity theory.
  • A historical study of utilitarianism.
  • A discussion on deontology.
  • The deontological theory according to Immanuel Kant.
  • The role of character in morality.
  • Virtue jurisprudence.

That’s just a taster to whet your academic appetite!

It’s most certainly worth looking for more examples as well. Firstly, you can look in your campus library to find plenty of past student papers. Find the appropriate ones –and make sure you’re studying well graded ones!- and scrutinize them carefully, not just for subject ideas, but also to abet you in the content and composition of your own essay.

Secondly, you will also find plenty of examples online- both samples of papers and lists of subject ideas. Have a good browse through these to see which ones you are interested in pursuing; though be sure to look through a list on an established and reputable website (educational, governmental and not for profit ones are best) because the last thing you want to do is base your own subject on a poor example!

Remember, if you require any further help, be sure to ask your teacher. They’ll be happy to assist.

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