How To Publish A High School Research Paper: Quick Tips

Some students put a significantly greater amount of effort into their research papers than other. They spend weeks gathering information and drawing conclusions until they have produced a paper they are actually proud of. If this sounds like an assignment that you have done, you may be interested in publishing your paper. This will make it available for your peers and other scholars to read. If this is appealing to you, here are some quick tips to get you started on publishing your high school research paper.

Be Familiar with Potential Publishers

The first step is to find potential publishers. You can do this by looking for journals or online publications that print articles related to the same area you are studying. Your teacher may be able to provide guidance as well.

Know the Right Type of Publication

Some publications appeal to scholars, while others appeal to those interested in the subject. The major difference between these types of audiences is the language used. Be sure that the language of your research paper appeals to the publication you are sending it in to.

Prepare the Manuscript

Once you have selected a publication, you should format your writing to their preference. This information can usually be found in the journal and will detail font size, layout, and acceptable article length.

Ask for Review

Once you have prepared the manuscript, you will need to proofread. It is best to let your teacher, or a fellow scholar do this for you, because they will be more likely to spot any mistakes.

Revise the Paper

Once you have had your research paper reviewed, you will need to make any necessary revisions. Then, type out your manuscript, being sure to follow the formatting guidelines.

Submit the Publication

Once you are ready to submit your publication, it is important that you contact the publication in the way that they have provided for submissions. This may require you to print out your manuscript and send it in to them through the mail, or to send it via email. Follow their instructions exactly, to be sure your manuscript ends up in the right hands.

Try Again

In many cases, you will not have your research paper approved for publication by the first company you submit it to. However, you should not be discouraged. Find other publications, revise to meet their requirements, and try until you get published.

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