22 Questions You Can Explore in a Finance Research Paper

Finance is a complicated sphere of knowledge. Yet, if you need to write a research paper dedicated to this area, you will easily find a number of interesting nuances, problems and issues, achievements and development ways that are worth exploring.

How to Find a Good Subject to Explore

It’s quite difficult to create a number of research paper topics in the sphere of finance from scratch. If you have not been given any topic idea by your teacher, you should search for interesting suggestions on the Internet or in libraries.

There are websites that can easily provide you with whole lists of interesting questions to explore in your research paper. You should feel free to use these suggestions in your work (customization recommended). Besides that, you can try another method. Simply give more attention to the financial news that you can hear every day, to the financial publications that are available online and offline, etc. All this can give you numerous hints and eventually help you come up with a perfect finance project.

  1. The financial policy and its execution in the United States of America.
  2. Financial mechanisms and their role in the execution of financial policies.
  3. Finance as a tool that regulates the economics.
  4. The role of financial markets in mobilization and distribution of financial resources.
  5. The finance management in the United States and factors that can make it perfect.
  6. Finance in join-stock companies.
  7. Mobilization of financial resources by joint-stock companies.
  8. Distribution and utilization of incomes as a source of economic growth of an enterprise.
  9. Formation and development of financial resources by non-commercial organizations.
  10. Insurance and its role in the development of economics.
  11. Social security and its functions.
  12. Taxes as a price for the services that the state renders.
  13. Principles that build up the taxation systems in different developed countries.
  14. Federal taxes that legal entities pay and their economic importance.
  15. Taxes that natural persons pay and their economic importance.
  16. The state budget as a tool of economics.
  17. Items of expense in a state budget and their effectiveness.
  18. The national debt and ways to manage it.
  19. The development of the financial system of the United States of America in the nineteenth century.
  20. The role the United States play in international currency operations.
  21. The financial integration of developed countries.
  22. The budget system of the United States; it’s drawbacks and advantages.

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