How To Write The Acknowledgements For Your Research Paper

The acknowledgements page for your thesis or paper is a simple yet very important part of your work. It allows you to say thank you to anyone who may have helped you achieve success. Although not a long piece, it is a professional thanks to all those who have significantly supported you.

People that you can pay regards to in your acknowledgements are: your supervisor, tutor, professors, coordinator, people who work in the department at your university, all support staff, organizations, family and friends. It is key to keep a professional tone throughout your acknowledgements, even with friends and family.

Five key points to remember when writing your acknowledgements

  • Make your acknowledgements brief and professional. Whether you choose a list of names, write to each person individually or make it alphabetical order it should reflect the same professionalism you have had throughout your essay.
  • Always list the most important first, i.e. your supervisor or main tutor who guided you through your research paper should be first on your list to thank. He should be followed by other teachers, tutors, lab support or any other academic member directly involved in your paper.
  • List other helpers next. Once you’ve said your regards to the key people, list other people who were involved in you completing your thesis. Make sure this list is in alphabetical order.
  • Acknowledge any financial aid you may have received. If you received a grant, fellowship or scholarship ensure you thank the foundation or organization personally. Name the key members of the organization that supported you.
  • Say your personal thank you’s at the end. If you’d like to thank your friends and family for any emotional support, put them at the end of your list. Do not be overly romantic or make any huge declarations and avoid inside jokes and very personal anecdotes as this may come across as unprofessional. In addition to this, relationships can change over the years so asking someone to marry you in your acknowledgements may not be the smartest move.

Keep it short and sweet

Make sure you don’t ramble on. Yes, of course, you want to say a proper thank you to everyone who supported you but make sure you get to the point and keep it professional.

Looking at other people’s past acknowledgements can be a good way of understanding what these are meant to look and sound like when writing your own. You can find existing samples online, on websites like DissertationExpert, that can be referred to as a guideline for when you finish your research paper.

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