List of Great Math Research Paper Topics for High School Students

You will be required to take certain core academic subjects as you progress from 1st to 12th grade. The subjects will become more rigorous and intense in grades 9-12. There will be essays and compositions assigned in these years. Additionally, you will have to provide sources for your ideas concerning the subjects you decide you want to write about in your piece. When you are given an essay in geometry, algebra, statistics, or calculus, we can help you find the best subject to use for an A+ piece.

Great Math Research Paper Topic List for High school Students

  • Geometry and the kitchen cabinets-look and see where this subject exists in your kitchen; this will be a ton of fun. You can cook as you do this and then eat your project when you are finished.
  • The theme park and numbers-look around yourself at the theme park, you will find doodles of numbers and equations. The roller coaster and the merry-g-round are good places for you to start your research.
  • Driving and speed-you can work with speed and velocity type subject when you explore cars and driving. You could also look at how the subject is used in the construction of the automobile.
  • The founders-if you want something more traditional, you can compose a piece on some of the important people in the field such as Turing, Well, Ampere, Celsius, or Legendre. You can also take the opposite approach and write about a person or a company who is just emerging in the field. Either perspective will make for an informative selection for your composition.
  • Mathematic movie reviews-there has been a few famous number movies such as A Beautiful Mind or Good Will Hunting. You can watch one of these films and then write a review on it. You will discuss characters, setting, plot, and the overall appeal and quality of the movie. The actual filming and delivery of the movie will also need to be mentioned in your piece.
  • New theories and developments-this is not a stagnant field of study and new developments are always being discovered. Do a composition on the latest news or on an ongoing project. You can also look down the road five years at the field and see what might be happening. You will need very support for your predictions in the industry.

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