The 17 Best Biology Research Paper Writing Ideas

Biology is a vats subject with areas that have influence on human and veterinary medicine and just about every other field that is in any way connected with living things. When you research in this discipline, you therefore have a bit of leeway to lean more to one area than another when selecting a topic. Keep these in mind as you brainstorm:

  • Some ideas are harder to investigate than others
  • If you want to look into something for which no information is currently available, be prepared to face challenges. You may literally be the first to think of the idea on your mind and while that may be great for your ego, it leaves a difficult road to travel.

  • You may not have unlimited funds to work with
  • Even if the cost of your research is relatively low, you will have to deal with the loss of income you could have been earning doing something else while you investigate. This matters especially if you have a family to support or you are trying to save up for major purchases or you have huge medical bills to consider.

  • Some ideas are so tempting that many people try them
  • Avoid papers everyone else has already done.

With these in mind you could try some of the following:

  1. The nature of cell death in humans infected with flesh eating viruses
  2. Natural loss of bone density experienced by Astronauts while off-planet
  3. Cases of the regrowth of lost teeth in human adults
  4. Physiological differences between identical twins and the causes behind them
  5. Comparisons between the nutrition from meat grown in a laboratory versus that from living animals
  6. The eventual results of extinction of less valuable species of plant and animal to humans
  7. How long-term celibacy can affect the lifespan of both humans and animal species
  8. Human growth hormone and its effects on longevity
  9. Potential methods of increasing bee reproduction or preventing another die-off
  10. Super viruses: The end of humanity or a second chance for the biosphere?
  11. Rain-forest replanting: Reversing the trend of human encroachment on wild habitats
  12. Extra terrestrial life: How would another species adapt to a landscape unlike our own?
  13. Obesity and epigenetics: How will future generations be affected by this growing epidemic?
  14. Racism and a post-ethnic phenotype: Can human tribalism be reduced by the elimination of visible differences in race?
  15. Biological warfare
  16. Genetic Modification of Animal Species
  17. Biological causes for human asexuality

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