Useful Hints For Writing A Research Paper On Bullying

The subject is a problematic one, but here students are invited or challenged to enrich themselves with their own practical research which can be taken from personal experience on the high school grounds. The rest of this short article gives guidelines and reminders to students on how they should prepare a paper on this psychological condition.

Begin with research

The introduction has provided students with a valuable clue on how to begin their preparations. It mentions that bullying is a psychological condition. All essay writing preparations must, therefore, also include a fair amount of research.

Qualified librarians are able to provide students with a suitable but short reading list to help them with this.

Productive use of keywords

Also, most students should have access to the internet. Focus on this paper’s subject and align it with psychological evaluations and/or online peer reviews. Here, select these sub-themes as keywords and try to compose a short sentence with them.

This will help to streamline search engine results and eliminate irreverent and non-scientific analyses. But unless students are expressly given license to do so, they can take a non-academic approach. It all depends on the subject or course in which their work is being graded.

How the document is formatted

Finally, here are a few notes on how the research paper should ideally be set up. Firstly, remember to include all references. This will be placed at the end of the essay (after its short conclusion). From the outset, care must be placed on the essay’s introduction.

Often overlooked, the introduction must clearly guide its readers on what will be included and discussed during the course of their reading. Prior to composing this, create a short bulleted list noting the most important aspects that will be included.

Logical sequencing of paragraphs

The last (short) paragraph of the introduction emphasizes a proposal on how bullying can be overcome. Following the introduction is the paper’s main body which will include a series of short paragraphs, each following logically from the preceding paragraph.

Unless specifically instructed not to do so, students can give each page of their document a sub-heading in which focus is given to a specific category or featured aspect of the subject being discussed. Ideally, begin each new category on a clean page.

This short guide has proposed a way forward to helping students prepare a polished written overview on bullying.

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