7 Great Suggestions On How To Outline A Research Paper

The following advice should help any student who wishes to understand better at about how to outline a research paper. In total, there are seven different ideas described below that may help to make the essay writing process easier for you.

  1. Discuss the primary aim of your research
  2. As part of any outline, you should introduce and discuss the primary aim of your research. For example, there might be a particular question that you wish to answer, or your work might be based on a particular hypothesis.

  3. Provide details of any secondary aims
  4. Whilst you might have a hypothesis or question that will form the basis of your work, you might also have various secondary aims or questions that you wish to solve as a result of doing your work as well as. If so, then you should provide details of these as well.

  5. Include information relating to the background of the topic you will be discussing
  6. It can be a good idea to assume that the reader knows nothing about the topic that you will be discussing and, therefore, you should include a brief background, so as to give them a better understanding of the topic that your research will be based on.

  7. Include details of related studies
  8. To highlight the importance of your research, it can be a good idea to include details of any related studies, as well as their findings.

  9. Describe what you hope to achieve
  10. It is entirely possible that your paper will be designed to discover something useful or relevant. As a result, you should describe what you hope to achieve by doing the work.

  11. Describe why your research is important
  12. As part of your outline, you will need to try and justify why it is that you are doing the work and, therefore, you will need to describe why the research will be so important, and worthy of your time and effort.

  13. Include a timeframe of how long the work will take
  14. The final thing to consider is the inclusion of a timeframe. Essentially, the timeframe should outline the different aspects of your paper, and how long they will take to complete. Furthermore, any timeframe that you produce should be based on realistic timings, so that you should have no difficulties in producing the work according to any deadline.

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