7 Points To Discuss In A Research Paper About Child Abuse

Child abuse is a painful topic that should be discussed very delicately. However, it has already been explored by many researchers, so, if you need to compose an interesting and profound research paper, you will find enough good material.

How to Choose a Topic

When you are choosing a topic, listen to your emotions and your interest. If you feel that a topic touches your emotions, you can be sure that it will work perfectly for you. It doesn’t matter much whether the emotions are positive or negative. It matters a lot that the topic causes them, so it’s very likely that you will have enough inspiration to develop it properly in your research paper.

What to Discuss in Your Project

Sometimes, it happens that even having a great topic, you have no idea what to write in the project. In such a situation, you’d better resort to the Internet and search for a piece of advice there. In case you cannot find anything that matches your topic, you have two possible ways out: to search for something similar that can help you develop a couple of ideas or to change the topic and use the suggestions that are provided by the Web. Below, you can also find several general ideas of the points that can be discussed in a paper dedicated to child abuse.

  1. Should a doctor or a teacher immediately report abuse after having noticed indirect signs of it but without any evident proofs?
  2. Should a doctor or a teacher immediately take the child who has supposedly been abused to a hospital without letting parents know?
  3. Can a doctor or a teacher demand having an eye-to-eye talk to a child who has supposedly been abused in spite of the parents’ permission or without letting them know?
  4. Should doctors or teachers pass an additional child abuse law training in order to know when and how they can report the abuse in each particular state?
  5. How doctors or teachers should act when they face aggressive, hostile, overly caring, or rude parents of children who have supposedly been abused?
  6. Is it correct to question a child who has supposedly been abused in the presence of his or her parents, especially if the latter ones show signs of aggression or lack of trust?
  7. What should the child abuse evidence be to make a teacher or a doctor, or whoever else turn to social services immediately, without letting the child’s parents know?

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