Creating a Qualitative Research Paper: 5 Golden Rules

If you take your research paper assignment seriously, you understand that it is never a piece of cake to create a qualitative document. You should come up with an interesting hypothesis, collect solid evidence, and obtain meaningful results. To make your work a bit easier, writing experts developed 5 golden rules for an A-level assignment.

How to Write an A-Level Research Paper

You should keep in mind the basic rules of academic writing and use the following 5 research paper composing guidelines to impress your academic advisor:

  1. Select a problem and develop an idea how to conduct your research.
  2. An excellent paper requires comprehensive research, so you should not start writing as soon as you have selected a problem. Instead, choose the right way to approach it, find out what data you can get, and do some literary review first.

  3. Identify an actual solution to the problem.
  4. Your assignment is aimed to provide an actual solution to the problem, so it is not enough to describe your thoughts and assumptions. You should come up with points based on previous research and the newest data.

  5. Keep a paper’s structure.
  6. It is important to structure your writing so that the readers understand where they can find the information they are up to. It makes sense to get a well-written template and follow it precisely.

  7. Pick a good set of details.
  8. Choosing appropriate details often takes time. You can use different sources to support your position. However, it is recommended that you only refer to reliable materials from your school’s library, scholarly journals, and professional publications.

  9. Edit your research paper and proofread it at least twice.
  10. Editing and proofreading may seem boring, but this is the only way to make your paper stand out. Do not upset your professor by submitting the assignment full of typos, grammar mistakes, and formatting issues.

Final Comments and Suggestions

The aforementioned guidelines are the golden rules of research paper writing. However, there are also some other vital things worth mentioning. For example, you should explain how you obtained your results and what research methodology was used in detail. In your conclusion section, you need to answer your research question and give a brief summary of the main points, including the unexpected findings if any.

It also makes sense to include a short section with further research directions. You should also highlight a practical importance of your study and explain how other researchers can use the obtained results. If someone has made a significant contribution to your work, you should add an acknowledgement page to thank your helpers.

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