A Comprehensive Manual On Composing A Literary Research Paper

Literature is the mirror of the society. It deals with the human emotions. There are various aspects with which literature is closely connected such as society, human emotion, time etc. Literary research is not easy task and those who deal with it they should know certain things about it.

  • Different forms of Literature
  • There are many form of literature but the purpose of all are the same. The different forms of literature are poem, novel, drama, biography, autobiography etc. Among all forms of literature poem is the most important and oldest form. At the very beginning of literature, it starts with the poem and after that gradually all forms are developed.

  • Literature and human emotion
  • The main business of literature is to deal with human emotions. The material of literature is taken by the society and then very artfully it is transformed into any form of literature, it may be in the form of poem, drama, novel and so on.

  • Literature and society
  • Society has close and deep relation with research literature. Though writer chooses subject matter from the society but he does not implement it exactly. The writer uses his imagination fully to make the literature unique and attractive one. In some literature imagination is the only base. Literature and society is so much connected to each other that we cannot imagine creating literature without society.

  • Literature and time
  • Time is closely related with literature. As we know the literature reflect the society therefore the time or age also reflects through it. Changing is the rule of nature and with the passing of the time everything changes. The society of today is not the same with 20 or 50 years ago. Society has developed and literature is also bound to change with it because literature takes material from the society. Time is the most powerful thing in the world.

  • Literature turns human mind
  • As we know that literature deals with human emotion so the turning of the mind of human is very natural. Whenever we study any literature book we find ourselves in that character projected in that book. We try to relate and connect our situation with those situations. In doing that we forget our own self and start thinking that all are happening in our one life. And thus literature changes our mind with its influence. Do you find it difficult to write this kind of paper? Get a top-notch research paper for sale right now!

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