A Collection Of Interesting Business Research Paper Topics

For most people, the confinement of choice, i.e. the freedom to choose any topic idea for a research paper, makes it harder to start and decide on a topic than having had a topic assigned. This is particularly true for business essay topics as it is often counter to the major’s normal homework assignment. This article will provide you with ten great topics to write a business research paper, a dissertation, an essay, or starting point for your own ideas.

Interesting Business Research Paper Topics

  • Legal Business Topics. If you enjoy the legal side of the business law, there are several interesting thesis topics that you can select. For instance, one could discuss the usefulness of excess catastrophe insurance in the technology sector. Similarly, a great niche term paper or dissertation topic would be shale fracking opportunities on Native American land and the business challenges of working with quasi-sovereign entities. If you wanted to select a more general topic an easy access point would be Director and Officer Liability and its potential impact on stock market prices. If you are thinking about entering law school, you could write about the growth of Intellectual Property litigation boutique law firms and their impact on the pre-2008 legal revenue model. These topics are unlike your normal business homework assignment but their combination of legal and business issues will provide a treasure trove of secondary sources.
  • Chronological Business Term Papers. Another great avenue for writing a business assignment is taking a historical or predictive market approach. For example, there is significant data on the rapid rise of the classic car market and a quantitative analysis of auction trends from 2000-2015. Another great topic could be on the repercussions of the recent change in revenue model from free to play games with advertising Vis a Vis in game purchases.
  • Developing Market Analysis Papers. A route frequently taken by business majors is writing about market trends in developing markets. This allows the writer to obtain experience in an area that they may seek to work in the future. Popular areas include the advantages lent to the Chinese government through the infusion of capitalist ideals in a more controlled market place and topics on the “BRIC” nations and the impact of falling oil prices on their GOP and buying power.
  • Grassroots economic papers. Perhaps closest to a normal homework assignment or one that a young business owner may be already familiar with is grassroots marketing. Some examples of a freelance article or term paper essay on these topics include grassroots advertising tactics via social media and Grassroots marketing efforts in urban areas for American soccer leagues.

Ultimately, any of these topics would make for a great freelance article, dissertation, or even a long form homework assignment. The key is to choose a subtopic that you enjoy and start researching the topic.

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