The 12 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics In Organic Chemistry

You might need to learn how and where to find some really good discussion paper topics that you can present for your paper in organic chemistry. When you do this well, it will be very easy for you to find subjects that you can discuss, and make sure that you can highlight them properly. Choosing the appropriate title for your work is something that you need to do with care, so that when you present it for marking, it comes out even better than you would ever have imagined.

One of the most important things that you need to do so far is to ensure that you highlight topics that you can actually conduct some fruitful research on, and then use the same to look into the prospect of getting more marks when you write this paper.

The following are some titles that you can present, which will make it really easy for you to write a good paper, and at the same time, help you score better grades:

  1. Discuss the importance of organic chemistry in the normal day activities, citing 5 relevant case examples
  2. Explain how distillation is applicable in daily life
  3. Discuss the structure of the surface chemistry of silica
  4. Explain how organic matter decay in soils is applicable in agriculture, and how this can help the farmers
  5. Discuss how the preparation of organic compounds takes place, highlighting the important lessons
  6. Explain some of the ingredients of non-organic food which can be classified as questionable, and address how these can be remedied
  7. Discuss some of the best career alternatives that you can take especially after completing your course in organic chemistry
  8. Explain the chemistry that takes place in the human digestive system from ingestion to egestion
  9. Discuss the history of organic chemistry, and highlight some of the core milestones that have been achieved since then
  10. From the basic understanding of organic chemistry, the mole concept, provide a clear description of how this knowledge can be applied in everyday activities such as washing clothes, to make work easier
  11. Discuss the chemical composition of MDMA or any of the other common drugs that are passed off in night clubs, or designed drugs, and how they affect different users differently based on their age groups
  12. Explain how sugar can be used as a form of energy in the battery supply.

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