How To Quote In A Research Paper: Basic Guidelines


Quoting is an excellent way of making a research paper stronger especially if you need to locate a crucial piece of basic source material. By quoting, you are able to make an argument done by a different writer more robust or even give some brief art term. However, quotations are even better when cited correctly and effectively. You may observe the following during quotations making:

  1. Use diverse quotes through your research paper
  2. When you purpose to use quotations in your research paper, purpose to avoid monotony at all cost. Therefore, you may consider use of dropped quotations, full sentence quotes, block quotes as well as indirect quotes. This will make your research paper free from monotony as well as informative.

  3. Ideal use of dropped quotes
  4. Know how dropped quotes used. Note that these are basically partially phrases derived from the middle of a text. They are comprised of just a few words and normally do not specify on who the content refers to. Consider using a complete sentence to add a dropped quote. You may also use a tag to adjoin a dropped quote.

  5. Proper use of a full sentence quote
  6. Just as the term suggests, full sentence quotes are written by quotation of the full sentences. This takes nothing short of four lines. Despite being complete sentences, we cannot use them as standalone sentences. You have to always launch them with an extra complete sentence. Rather, you may also use a signal phrase.

  7. Proper use of block quotes
  8. Block quotes are basically multiple sentences that are correctly quoted from the primary source. They normally take at least four lines. Since block quotes will take ample physical space, be sure to use them sparingly with a maximum ranging between 1-2 quotes for a complete paper. Adjoin a complete line space in between your personal content and the quote. Use a colon to introduce your quote. Note that block quotes do not apply use of quotation marks. In case your block quote is in the midst of a paragraph, it is NIR necessary to begin a new paragraph at its end.

  9. Correct use of indirect quotes
  10. Indirect quotes in a research paper basically mean paraphrasing. You derive a sentence from its primary source but phrase it in your own way. This is considered as a good option in case you are not sure of how the exact quote is phrased. To avoid plagiarism, consider altering at least 50% of the initial phrase. Consider moving parts of the sentences to change the structure. However, only paraphrase after understanding the concept in the initial phrase.


Other fundamental points in Inco-operating quotation in your research paper are: How to place commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, brackets and correct use of ellipses. You may get assistance from this website.

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