Creating A Strong Research Paper Title: Helpful Advice

You have to create a research paper again, and you want to make it perfect this time. Of course, you know well enough that this means a lot of work, but you are always ready for a challenge. If you want to make this entire project a professional one, you have to watch out for every detail. The topic is always important, but you also need to take care of the language, structure, title and so on. Every single element is vital if you aim for the maximum grade. Here is how to create a strong title for your composition:

  • Make sure it is completely relevant to the topic. Very often, students try to be innovative but they end up being silly instead. There are moments when you can use a funny, smart title but this is not one of them. You have to make sure that if someone will see the title, he will know what your research paper is about. Of course, it is perfectly fine to use a well known expression, as long as it is representative for your composition.
  • Don’t use foreign languages. If you want to prove your knowledge, do it in another way. By writing the title in a foreign language you will only confuse other people. You can not expect your classmates to know everything you know. If these words are so important for your text, you can use them in the body of the paper, not as a title.
  • Don’t make it too long. I know that sometimes you have to write more than a few words as a title. Even so, if it’s not imperative it’s always better to keep it short. Let’s be realistic, a title needs to be short in order for us to read it immediately. Don’t use more than 4-5 words if you want to make your classmates interested.
  • Use catchy words. You want to make everyone pay attention, right? Then compose a title that is interesting, intriguing, that will make them wonder what more you wrote. You can do this by putting together two opposite words ( “The innocent criminal” for example) or by making a reference to a well known book or situation. They will know what the paper is about, but you will still keep the mystery. If possible, put an exclamation mark at the end of the title.

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