How to Pick a Good US History Topic for a Research Paper

The choice of topic you make for your research paper determines whether your writing process will be troublesome or interesting. US history presents numerous ideas for such a paper. This may mean a dilemma on what to pick and what to avoid. How do you select the best topic for your paper on US history?

  • Follow your passion- there are numerous areas that form part of US history. They include human rights movements, slavery, civil war, development of technology, world wars, politics, etc. However, among all these categories, some are captivating while others are not. When making a choice, go for an area that is exciting to you.
  • Go for a unique topic- there are topics that will top the results every time you search in the library or the internet. This makes it difficult to identify a unique paper from these areas. The solution thus lies in identifying an area that has been avoided by academicians. It will capture the attention of your readers and give you fresh insights on what to white in your research paper on US history.
  • Look for relevance- there are aspects of the American history that appear to repeat themselves from time to time. They may include the debate on race, war, civil right, politics, etc. A paper that resonates with present day mood or events will be interesting and compelling to read.

Here is a list of excellent research paper topics on US history that you might consider. They should be used to provide direction and pointers in your choice of topic. You can modify them to fit your idea ability and perspective.

  1. Has the American society become more or less racially divided?
  2. How can the reaction of 9/11 compare to the reaction after the attack on Pearl Harbor?
  3. The influence of US constitutional history on the rest of the world
  4. How did Native Americans affect the settling patterns of migrating Europeans?
  5. How did slavery affect the development of the American society?
  6. What impact did enlightenment thinking have on the founding fathers of US
  7. How well or badly has the article of federation been implemented to-date?
  8. What was the role of George Washington and the Second Continental Congress in winning the civil war?
  9. How did slave laws affect the states during the process of reconstruction
  10. What is the role of the first landing to the moon as a unifying factor in America

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