22 Inspiring History Research Paper Prompts to Consider

A research paper in history is among the toughest assignments to write because there are so many topics that have been, to some extent, satisfactorily explored. History students, in particular, have trouble seeing subject areas in history from a new perspective, believing that needs to be said has already been said. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is there are many inspiring history research paper topics worth considering. Here are 22 of the best ones we’ve recently heard about:

  1. Describe the dramatic changes in science and religion that occurred during Victorian-era England?
  2. How has music played a role in changing politics, society and culture in a way that it has become embedded in a nation’s history?
  3. Why was the space race so important to both the United States and the Soviet Union? What did it mean to the citizens of each country?
  4. Victoria ruled England for a very long period of time. What different sub-periods existed within the umbrella term known as the Victorian Era?
  5. How important was military technology in Europe during the Middle Ages? What were the biggest advantages of having the latest technologies?
  6. Compare and contrast the Mongol empires in both China and Russia in the decades following the death of its greatest leader, Genghis Khan.
  7. Why were superiority and self-enrichment the primary concerns of the rulers of the Mongol Empire in China for centuries after Genghis Khan’s death?
  8. What similarities did the ancient civilizations of Egypt and that of the Maya have with one another in terms of architecture?
  9. How have military propaganda methods changed since WWII in the U.S. and why are there fewer people enlisting in the armed forces today?
  10. How different were the ancient Mayan and Incan cultures of South America compared to that of the Aztec in lower North America?
  11. Why were the Native American peoples of North America unable to form unions to combat the European invasion and eventual expansion?
  12. How did U.S. policies of the 20th century help affect or directly influence the housing market and bank crash that occurred in the early part of the 21st century?
  13. What would have been the likely outcome if Mexico had in fact joined WWII allied with Germany to form a Southern front against the U.S.?
  14. Discuss Russia’s role in defeating Germany in the Eastern Front during WWII and how it led to the creation of the two super powers?
  15. What was the United States’ role in supporting Afghanistan during their fight against the Soviet Union in the 1980s?
  16. Could the British ruled colonies in American and England have come to an agreement that would have meant avoiding the American War for Independence?
  17. What were the causes leading up the U.S.’s involvement in the conflict in Vietnam and why did the U.S. deny that it was an actual war?
  18. How has participation by voters changed the way political campaigns are handled in light of trying to appease larger crowds of supporters?
  19. What were the major reasons that the United States avoided entering WWI despite its many allegiances to the European nations involved?
  20. How has globalization affected the way nations have (or have not) made peace with one another since the late 1980s?

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