The Main Characteristics Of A Perfect Research Paper With Variables

A research variable is a feature or a characteristic that frequently changes in quantity or quality. They are classified into; intervening, control, extraneous, moderator, independent and dependent factors. It is good to note that each has a role in the entire analysis process. An independent element is one in which an individual uses to measure and manipulate another factor. It's also known as a grouping factor. A dependent factor is an outcome of a manipulated independent factor. It’s influenced by the grouping factor. A confounding element is the difference between two groups inclusive of independent factors. The main characteristics of the best investigative paper include:


Every topic should either be based on two factors that are related or on a certain identified problem. Specifically state your problem or factors. Do not generalize. Example: the effect of demand on production of commodities. The two varying factors, that is, demand and production, are clearly stated.


There are many instruments to be used during the entire paper analysis process. However, the changing factors determine which are the best instruments to be used. Some of these tools include; reports, questionnaires, assignments, among others.


Your findings, analysis and end results should all be realistic. This makes the overall writing more realistic and sensible. The hypothesis for your work will either be accepted or rejected at the end of your analysis, therefore, do not manipulate anything. Whatever conclusion you arrive at, it should be logic.


For your paper to be outstanding and perfect, seek for data that is readily available and attainable. This actually works out very well if you are to choose your own topic. However, this does not mean that it's not possible when given a specific topic. You can buy papers, templates or other related reports so as to support your paperwork.


There are different formats to use in your write up. You could use APA or MLA style. Each has its own rules based in the font size, arrangement, indent, among others. Ensure that you follow to the latter whichever style you choose to use. Do not mix them up in one write up.

In conclusion, writing this type of analysis work is not hard. All you need is to follow the above stated elements. In addition, there are service providers that offer custom papers and reports and they who can greatly assist you in creating the best report.

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