Vital Things To Know About Writing A Chicago Style Research Paper

The Chicago style is widely used by academics, scholars and writers across all genres and sub-genres. Chicago style manuals, whether printed or necessarily online these days, are also widely available, particularly for new students with an acute interest in mastering the conventions and practices of writing in accordance with the original Chicago Style Manual (CSM). Interpretations of how to apply the methodologies have also been varied. However, the principles always remain.

This short article takes a different and unique approach to what has already been written and instructed on how to prepare a Chicago style research paper. Simply put, it merely highlights just a few vital things worth making a note of in preparation for learning about how to write this universally accepted academic and non-fiction paper. The first interesting thing to note is that the style can also be applied creatively by fiction writers as well as both fine and graphic design artists who will be focusing mainly on proposals, plot, synopsis and visual presentations, among other things.

The guide also places a lot of emphasis on how to use and insert citations. By this is also meant that the manner of quoting references and sources are further broken down in some ways, such as preparing a concise bibliography and/or reference list, the noting of original writers and the dates published as well as the creative technique of paraphrasing original quotations.

Referring back to the persons who generally use the Chicago style, also note that it is mainly applied to the academic sub-genre of the humanities and all the subjects included in this broad field. Subjects will be as varied as literature (but mainly English), history, political and social sciences. Students studying art should also note that the application of the academic conventions laid out in the Chicago writing style guides is particularly relevant to their studies of art history.

Apart from paper presentations, of a more technical nature is the use of numbering systems and indentations, as well as source notes or references. Because the discipline of writing is no longer confined to printed materials, the application of the style guide has now been tailored for best practice use in online publications which basically entail anything from journals to the electronic formatting of academic manuscripts.

In a short space of time, this unique approach to important features provided a brief introduction to new writers on the Chicago style and the likely approach to be taken when preparing a research paper.

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