A List of Debatable Topics For A High School Research Paper


It is impossible to think about a debate without thinking about a debate topic. A debate topic determines how lively or boring a debate will become. Debate topics have a wide range of variety: culture, emerging issues, funny topics and so on. Let us look at some of the commonly debated interesting topics:

Political issues

In high school, there is so much interesting information from news about political issues. For instance, topics could be set concerning forms of governance, perspective on certain prevailing issues and so on. The following are some of the topics that we can debate on:

  1. Devolved government is a lot better than centralized government
  2. Women should be given more leadership slots in the government
  3. The multiparty government is of great importance
  4. The government should operate free of constitution
  5. Democracy form of leadership surpasses dictatorship

Each of the above topics can be super interesting especially when debated on by a vibrant and lively team.

Cultural topics

One of the things we cannot ignore is the role of culture in our day to day lives. Most countries have numerous tribes and culture each with its own beliefs and practices. Consequently, there are diverse topics that can result from the same. These include:

  1. Female genital mutilation is a health menace
  2. Home roles should not be gender biased
  3. Intercultural marriages should be discouraged
  4. Some cultural practices should be dissolved.

Funny/ humor topics

Debate topics must not always be on serious issues. Once in a while, high school students need thrilling topics away from the usual serious topics. This makes the debate session not only a forum for learning but also entertaining. Some of the interesting topics we can come up with include:

  1. Cell phones should be allowed in high schools
  2. Homework during vacations should be banned
  3. Can celebrities form bad role models?
  4. Food stuffs should be encouraged in all high schools

All the above topics sound humorous since they are attempting to justify nearly impossible things. They take students to a world of fantasy thinking about some impossible wishes.

Topics on emergent issues

At each time in any social set up or vicinity, there are upcoming issues. These issues can form super interesting topics for high school level. Some of these may include:

  1. Common sex marriage should be legalized.
  2. Bhang abuse is the most prevalent causes of insanity.
  3. Children should not be beaten as a discipline measure
  4. Plastic bags and containers should be banned.
  5. Does age factor count in love relationship?


Each of the above mentioned topics may be super interesting to debate especially on high school level. The students are likely to have a series of ideas and support information to oppose or to support the motion. Look at this site for more details.

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