Coming Up With Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics In Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is a very important part of the law college curriculum and you need to study this particular discipline rigorously to become a successful criminal justice lawyer later on. If you have been asked to write a paper on criminal justice, you need to research latest data from government archives and other sources. Citing a lot of statistical data or hard numbers would help you in scoring high in this subject. Here’s how you should go about it.

  • Find and browse through legal data resources
  • Legal data archives can often be found on bar association websites, non-profit organization websites and in legal blogs owned and maintained by very senior legal practitioners. Visiting these resources can help you in a great way to import statistical data, which is highly necessary for writing an up-to-date dissertation or college essay on criminal justice.

  • Visit the Public Library of Law
  • One way to find big data is to visit the government websites. If you visit a government website, you will be able to see a whole lot of relevant data sheets, including the all-important case data. You can find in which case what verdict was given. More importantly, you can find complete details on landmark cases which will help you in a big way to write a perfect essay. In the case of the USA, you can visit the Public Library of Law to find an enormous database of federal and state cases and also additional resources.

  • Explore criminology topics
  • Criminology, as you know, is the study of criminal behaviour. Criminology is an area where you can find a whole lot of ideas for your essay. Therefore, visiting criminology blogs on a regular basis would definitely help you in writing a high-scoring essay at college level. All you have to do is to find different research papers on criminal behaviour and write your own with lots of statistical data.

  • Do not use data which is very old
  • As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t use outdated data in your essay. Instead, you can search for and download latest data sheets from government portals. In other words, do not bore your examiner with data which is at least a couple of years old. The key to score well in law exams is to know the latest facts, case verdicts and hard numbers.

    Before submitting your dissertation, always double check it as citing wrong data would cost you badly.

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