Writing a Research Paper Thesis Statement: Three Rules to Remember

Having the perfect thesis statement will make writing your best paper easier to do. There is much to do in this one piece of the entire paper, so you can seek help from the professional thesis writing services. It is imperative that the sentence is good enough to guide the direction of the paper. When writing a research paper thesis statement, remember to use our three important rules.

Three Rules to Remember

  1. Pay attention to the required length of the paper-the amount of main points you select does depend upon more than just your topic choice. The length requirement plays a big part. If the teacher assigned you a 500-word paper, you would not want to have more than three main points. If you were to have five, you would never be able to adequately support each of the five essay points. You must remember that there will be 75-100 words in the introduction and the conclusion both. Be smart about how many points you select to use.
  2. One can be weaker than the others-not all the points have to pack a power punch. There can be a topic that is lighter and has less information. This weaker topic would need to be placed between the two stronger ideas. Do not lead or finish with it, but slide it into the middle part of the statement (and the paper).This is perfectly acceptable to do in writing your research paper.
  3. Word choice is important-when writing your research paper thesis statement, you want to remember to select precise and specific details. The words are going to be the roadmap for the paper. If you are writing about horse, do not use the word pony. The two animals are not the same. Be general enough that you can fall into a specific rhythm when you get to the body paper, but make the word be exact for your needs.

As you become a more mature writer, your statement will be more than just one sentence. In fact, it will be an entire paragraph. Whether you are a new writer or a mature writer, you will want to remember our three rules. These guidelines will help you to create the best sentence possible. You must pay careful attention to the required length of the paper, you can have a weaker point, and your word choice must be exact and precise.

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