Basic Tips On How To Make A Good Research Paper Presentation

There comes that point in life when you have to face up to your biggest challenges and tackle them head on. As a student, you will be faced with so many such moments. One of the biggest of them all is when you are required to make a presentation either for your proposal or your final dissertation. Presenting your research paper is the epitome of the work that has taken you so many months to prepare. Because of this reason you need to be fully equipped to handle this as is supposed to be done. While there are a lot of simple ways to go through this unscathed, a lot of students leave the presentation room distraught, not having been able to reach their potential or achieve any materialistic goals that would have seen them earn better marks.

You have spent a considerably long time working on this paper, so there is no need for you to waste all your efforts in a matter of minutes. To help you get through the presentation of your research paper, the following are useful tips that have worked for successful students over the years:

  • It’s just a matter of minutes
  • Be presentable
  • Be eloquent
  • Be confident in your work

It’s just a matter of minutes

If you are scared of facing the panel of examiners, you need not be. They have a lot of candidates to grill, so your chances are better because every individual is assessed based on the work that they are presenting. Taking that into consideration, you only have a few minutes to present your work. Therefore take your time and prepare for this. In most cases you will have 5-15 minutes, which is enough time to present the research paper, and answer any questions.

Be presentable

Do not walk into the panel disheveled. This is a sure way to lose marks even before uttering a word, or anyone looking at your research paper.

Be eloquent

There are marks for eloquence when you are presenting your thesis before your professors. These are important marks that you should not lose easily for they will go so far in adding you points when the final tally is being done.

Be confident in your work

Finally, as you head into this panel to present your work, try and make sure that you have your paper at heart. Walk in confidently and defend your work to the death!

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